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Footcare Tip #LifeHacksForDiabetics

Diabetics are prone to skin conditions as they are less immune to harmful bacteria. Make sure to dry feet thoroughly, especially between the toes after showering to avoid fungal infections. Use talcum powder to keep them dry. More about footcare and living with diabetes here. A to Z Challenge 2015 F for Footcare tip

lifehacksfordiabetics eyecare

Eyecare #LifeHacksForDiabetics

Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in people between 25 – 74.  Avoid Diabetic retinopathy, a disease affecting the blood vessels in the retina. Have regular eye tests, stick to your medication, diet and exercise routine. More about vision, eyecare and living with diabetes here Day 5 of the A to Z Challenge 2015 […]

LifeHacksForDiabetics Diet Tip

Diet Tip #LifeHacksForDiabetics

Switch to tall slim glasses rather than short wide ones to cut liquid calories and manage your weight without dieting. It is the best way to trick yourself to drink 25% less. Great visual cue eh? More about the diabetes diet here. Day 4 of the A to Z Challenge 2015. D is for Diet […]