Let's Show Diabetes Who's Boss

Chickpea salad Diabetes friendly snacks

Chickpea salad

For a high protein snack that will keep you full without spiking your blood sugar, enjoy one cup of roasted chickpeas. OR toss steamed chickpeas, chopped tomatoes, cucumbers and coriander with a dash of lemon juice. I call it a salad. You can call it whatever you want. So yum.

Toast healthy snacks for diabetes

Toast with a difference

Toast. But toast with a difference! One slice whole wheat or multigrain bread, toasted. Or roti. Or paratha Or khakra. Top or wrap around slices of avocado or slices of roasted pumpkin or tomato or slices of boiled egg. Sprinkle with favorite seasoning and enjoy!

Chaat Life hacks for diabetics

Chaat time!

Who doesn’t crave chat once in a while? Make the healthy version with mung sprouts, chopped onions and tomatoes topped with yogurt and enjoy! Loaded with nutrients like iron, fiber, vitamin A and vitamin C. Feel free to add chopped ginger and coriander leaves too! Easy to make, this is the perfect thing when hunger…

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Yogurt with sunflower seeds Life hacks for diabetics

Yogurt with sunflower seeds

Yogurt With Sunflower Seeds makes a lovely light snack for diabetes. Stir a teaspoon of  unsalted sunflower seeds into 1/2 cup of nonfat plain yogurt for a snack with barely 0.26 gram of saturated fat, zero sodium and zero cholesterol. The seeds add yummy texture but only 19 calories. The yogurt brings protein.

Whole grain oats Life hacks for diabetics

Whole grain oats

Fiber-rich whole-grain oats with lots of water, eaten hot is a filling combination. Hot food takes longer to eat, and the liquid and fiber will keep you full longer. Add cinnamon or nutmeg for sweetness without the sugar. It’s fine to enjoy overnight oats too, topped with fresh fruit and nuts.

Grapes Life hacks for diabetics


Enjoy two cups of grapes as a filling and satisfying snack. ​Why not raisins? Raisins have more calories than grapes. One cup raisins = 250 calories while 1 cup grapes = 60 calories. ​Also, fresh fruit is always a better choice with all its nutrients and fiber.  But yes, please do indulge by sprinkling a…

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