Insulin dose Vidya Sury

Insulin dose

If you are on insulin and feel thirsty through the night, it could be an ineffective insulin dose and a sign that your diabetes is not under control. When you wake up thirsty, check your blood sugar and let your doctor know so that insulin dose can be adjusted to prevent waking up thirsty at night. More […]

Healthy Snacking Vidya Sury

Healthy Snacking

Snack on fruit and nuts to  keep weight in check.  1 piece of fruit and a  small handful of raw, unsalted nuts.  Mix it up for variety:  apple with almonds,  pineapple with macadamia nuts,  pear with pumpkin seeds. Here are tips on easy ways to eat right Easy ways to eat right

Green leafy veg Vidya Sury

Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables like spinach have high concentrations of polyphenols, vitamin C and magnesium. Their antioxidant properties reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Diets high in fruits and vegetables reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer and can prevent several chronic diseases. More about healthy eating with fruits and vegetables Healthy Eating With Fruits and Vegetables