Let's Show Diabetes Who's Boss

ketoacidosis lifehacksfordiabetics

Ketoacidosis #LifeHacksForDiabetics

Ketoacidosis is a dangerous condition. Track ketone levels and prevent ketoacidosis with Diet, complex carbs, exercise and take special care when you are sick. For low ketone levels: Drink water every hour, Test every three hours. If this doesn’t help, see your doc immediately. More about ketoacidosis and diabetes here. A to Z Challenge 2015…

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juvenile diabetes vidya sury

Juvenile Diabetes #LifeHacksForDiabetics

Managing juvenile diabetes needs a support team and a custom plan that involves medication, nutrition and behavior needs. Coach children with diabetes to be prepared, know which foods cause high blood sugar, be active, take medication at the right time Follow the right diet. And don’t forget to tell them why.’ More about juvenile diabetes here. A to…

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insulin lifehacksfordiabetics

Insulin #LifeHacksForDiabetics

Have Type 1 Diabetes and are insulin-dependent? Keep insulin injections with you at all times even if you are just stepping out for a minute. Teach friends and family how to inject you if you can’t do it yourself. Keep spare supplies when traveling. More about Insulin and living with diabetes here. A to Z…

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LifeHacksForDiabetics Health tip

Health Tip #LifeHacksForDiabetics

Monitoring blood sugar is the first step to good diabetes control. Invest in a blood glucose monitor, test strips and lancing device. Check blood sugar levels regularly to track how you can tweak your diet and medication to prevent complications. Prevention is better than managing a crisis. More about diabetes complications and living with diabetes…

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glycemic index

Glycemic Index #LifeHacksForDiabetics

Low GI is usually best for diabetics. Make healthy diet choices. Swap high GI foods for low GI foods. Eat one serving of low GI carbohydrate food with each meal. Choose low GI snacks. Practice portion control. Low GI: < 55 |Medium GI: 55-69 |High GI: >70. More about the Glycemic Index and living with…

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footcare lifehacksfordiabetics

Footcare Tip #LifeHacksForDiabetics

Diabetics are prone to skin conditions as they are less immune to harmful bacteria. Make sure to dry feet thoroughly, especially between the toes after showering to avoid fungal infections. Use talcum powder to keep them dry. More about footcare and living with diabetes here. A to Z Challenge 2015 F for Footcare tip

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