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low blood sugar lifehacksfordiabetics

Low Blood Sugar?#Lifehacksfordiabetics

Low blood sugar?
Jittery, nauseous,
sweaty or lightheaded?

Eat high sugar sweets or foods
(fruit juice, sugar, half a can of Pepsi/Coke or whatever your doctor has recommended for you) right away

Low blood sugar is a risk if you are diabetic and take insulin.

Too much medication, skipping meals, eating less than you should,
an overdose of exercise can all lead to low blood sugar.

It is much easier to correct HYPERglycemia than it is to treat someone in a HYPOglycaemic coma.

low blood sugar lifehacksfordiabetics

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low blood sugar

Vidya Sury • March 14, 2015

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