Chill out!

High stress levels can result in high blood sugar. Control this with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Destress. Listen to music, walk, enjoy a digital detox and spend time in nature, meditate, do yoga.

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Deal with stress before it gets the better of you!

Deal with Stress before it gets the better of you


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2 thoughts on “Chill out!

  1. Three years ago, I decided to do something about the enormous amount of stress in my life, which was mainly due to the job and it interfering with my personal life. I made the bold decision to eliminate the core of stress, hence left my job. I have been so much happier and my family life so much richer. Nowadays, I tackle stress by talking things through, rather than keeping my concerns inside, spending more quality time with my husband – usually on long walks and being kinder to myself and those around me.

    Thank you for a lovely post that reminded me that stress has no major part in my life and when it dares to enter, it is quickly dissipated. Have a lovely day.

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