Let’s Show Diabetes Who’s Boss

yoga life hacks for diabetics

Yoga #LifeHacksForDiabetics

Yoga: Doing Yoga helps you adopt a more mindful approach to life. Develop serenity and self-awareness. Eliminate stress. Eat only enough to feel full. Resist overeating. Here is how yoga helps. A to Z Challenge 2015 Y is for Yoga

x syndrome life hacks for diabetics

X Syndrome #LifeHacksForDiabetics

X syndrome or metabolic syndrome is a dangerous condition. Prevent X syndrome by Managing weight, targeting a BMI goal of 25 kg/m2 or less,  quitting smoking, stepping up physical activity – at least 30 minutes of exercise per day and a balanced nutritious diet, medication to manage blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar levels and reduce…

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whole grains life hacks for diabetics

Whole Grains #LifeHacksForDiabetics

Whole grains: Include whole grains like brown rice, barley, oats, buckwheat, and whole wheat in your diet to manage weight. Whole grains equal fewer calories, better cholesterol management which means better diabetes control. Why whole grains in our diet? A to Z Challenge 2015 W is for Whole grains

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