Let’s Show Diabetes Who’s Boss

Yogurt Vidya Sury


Yogurt is a good source of lean protein to help lose weight and manage blood sugar. Yogurt also makes a great snack when combined with ground flaxseed for a shot of heart healthy Omega-3s. Swap flaxseeds for chopped almonds or walnuts. Five reasons to enjoy your yogurt Five reasons why you should enjoy Yogurt

Xerostomia Vidya Sury


Xerostomia or dry mouth occurs when the salivary glands in your mouth don’t produce enough saliva. Causes are dehydration, anxiety, nervousness, diabetes and diabetic neuropathy. Avoid alcohol, suck on ice cubes, increase fluid intake to produce enough saliva to wash mouth bacteria and neutralize mouth acids preventing tooth decay and gum disease. Oral health and…

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Wait 20 Vidya Sury

Wait 20!

Before that second serving, wait 20 minutes. When we’re hungry, our body does not recognize that we’ve eaten and we take about 20 minutes to feel full. Eat slowly. Put your fork down in between mouthfuls and don’t pick it up again until you’ve chewed and swallowed your food. Appreciate your food. Pack away leftovers immediately. You might find you don’t need…

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