Let’s Show Diabetes Who’s Boss

Make fiber your friend #lifehacksfordiabetics

Make fiber your friend

Fiber is a carbo like sugars and starches. But your body doesn’t digest fiber, so doesn’t affect your blood sugar. Fiber also keeps you full. Get enough fiber! Women need min. 25 gms/day; Men 38 gms/day. Eat fruits/veg/wholegrain.

watch your salt

Watch your salt

Diabetics are at higher risk for high blood pressure, leading to heart disease. Too much salt raises your blood pressure. Go for herbs and spices for flavor.  Limit salt to 2300 mg a day, max.

Drowsy and tired

Drowsy and tired?

Drowsiness and fatigue can be side effects of your medications. Talk to your doctor. Maybe there’s a change in your condition. Maybe you need different medication. Don’t do anything on your own.

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