Let’s Show Diabetes Who’s Boss

Emergency snack pack Vidya Sury

Emergency Snack Pack

Always carry glucose tablets or 5-6 pieces of hard candy in small bags when you go out in case you get low blood sugar. Low blood sugar or Hypoglycaemia is when blood sugar drops below 70mg/dL, causing dizziness, hunger and trembling. This often happens when you skip a meal. Or get too much exercise without enough food.  

Stretch Vidya Sury


Do 10 minutes of stretching after getting out of bed. This makes a big difference in your day!

Zinc deficiency Vidya Sury

Zinc Deficiency

Zinc deficiency can cause diabetes. Zinc is a crucial element in insulin metabolism, guards against viral infections, and protects beta cells from destruction. More about how to recognize zinc deficiency and foods that can cure it 7 Signs of Zinc Deficiency & the Best Foods to Cure it!

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